FOTS-POD#15 – “Das Robson”

28 04 2009

According to Campbell, the man who made it, Episode 15 of the Friends of the Stars Podcasts is, “like listening to Radio fucking 4”.

Let’s see about that, shall we.

Executive Producer Robson turns the tables on this one and becomes the man with the questions, grilling a clearly excited Craig about his recent trip to New Zealand. Expect the usual great tunes, swearing and that peculiar kind of back-handed ignorance you only get from British people when they are forced to leave this rainy island.

(Sorry to all Kiwis)

FOTS-POD#15 – “Das Robson”


“The Trains” – The Nashville Ramblers
“Home Cookin'” – The Band
“Lorelei” – The Cocteau Twins
“New Kind of Kick” – The Cramps
“Caney Creek” – The Dillards
“Like Toy Soldiers” – Eminem
“Cunts Are Still Running the World” – Jarvis
“I’ve Changed My Plea To Guilty” – Morrissey

DOWNLOAD – FOTS-POD#15 – Das Robson



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